Our policy is to design and manufacture products for longevity and serviceability. This allows our products to be repaired rather than replaced, so in the future if a part becomes worn or damaged it can be replaced. For this reason we have a commitment to making replacement parts for servicing our products throughout their design life.

Modular, elemental designed for disassembly with minimized use of co-molding to allow ease of recycling at the end of the products lifecycle.

Our products are designed to not only be repairable but also upgradeable with the ability to be reupholstered in the event of wear or a change of cosmetic requirement - providing huge savings in any future refurbishments.


Manufacture and Service life 

All timber components used in our products are sourced from sustainably managed and grown plantations.

All steel offcuts and scrap produced in the manufacturing process is recycled.

Seat covers are removable so that in the event of damage or soiling the cover can be replaced and not the whole component being scrapped.

Timber components can be repolished in the event of damage instead of scrapping.


End of Life

At the end of the chairs life, the components can be removed and disassembled, steel components can be recycled, timber parts can be sent for chipping and recycled, fabric covers can be shredded and remanufactured, foams can be stripped from frames and recycle into chipped foam products.